Prtrt vs. Canvas

A Canvas is your pass to receive a Prtrt.

Whereas, a Prtrt is the actual NFT of this collection. Underlying every Prtrt is a Bond.

Total Supply

Canvas Supply - Until the mint period ends, the total supply of Canvases will remain uncapped. Meaning, an infinite number of Canvases can be minted within these two months. Once the mint period ends, a cap on the supply of Canvases will automatically instated at the number of Canvases minted.

Prtrts Supply - The total number of Prtrts that will ever exist will be capped at the total number of canvases that exist. I.e. Say a 100 Canvases were minted in total - the maximum supply of Prtrts will be 100.

When do I receive my Prtrt?

As Prtrts are 1 of 1, manually created works of art, they tend to take longer to create than your standard PFP. All Canvas holders will receive their Prtrts within the first 60 days after the mint period ends.

What do you mean by Collateral?

100% of the money raised from minting this collection goes into what we call the Vault. This money is kept in the Vault as collateral - to back every Prtrt that was created as a result of the minting.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is where all the mint money goes and sits as collateral.

There's a catch: the collateral is not left idle. It is actively managed by Equation (an on-chain investment fund) to generate profits in order to pay Interest to holders.

Do I get paid Interest?

Yes, you get paid Interest on a monthly basis just by holding a Prtrt. Although the Interest payout is not guaranteed as they're only paid out only after profitable months.

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